Welfare Continuum - Intervention in Cases of Substance Misusing Parents

Level / Category Examples Intial Response Consent needed to share information Statutory Responsibility to share if consent denied or unavailable Process of assessment and service provision
1. Advice

First indication of exposure to drugs/ alcohol

Attendance of A&E re Drugs/ Alcohol

Self referral/ request for information

Advice and Information given re Services




"Info Only"

Independent access to services
2. Support Self referral / request for counselling, self help group, access to services/ treatment/ financial assistance/ behaviour issues/ Legal advice

Advice and Information given re Services

Request permission to share

Yes Article 8, Human Rights Act 1998

Assessment by relevant agencies

Support and Services provided

Early Help

Multi-agency Thresholds

3. Identified Needs


Early Help

Self Harm

Missed appointments for treatment

Children missing appointments/ school

Engagement in anti-social behaviour

Increase in request for financial assistance

Deterioration of health/ mental health

Low self esteem

Withdrawal from usual support networks

1st reported incident of domestic violence

Access to support services denied

Withholding finances, social opportunities, health care

Advice and Information given re Services

Request permission to share, if not shared then reason why must be documented

Active support in accessing services


S2 Data Protection Act 2018

Article 7, Human Rights Act 1998

S4. 44 Education Act 1996 (prosecution of parents)

S17Children Act 1989

S115 Crime and Disorder Act


Multi-agency planning for services

Early Help

Multi-agency Thresholds

4. Identified Concerns

Escalation of level 3

Evidence of drug paraphernalia

Children witnessing drug/ alcohol misuse

Involvement in procurement of drugs

Children ingesting drugs

Involvement in soliciting, criminal activity and engagement in risky behaviour

Chaotic poly drug use

Use of home for drug activity

Disengagement with services

Increased self harm

Increased incidents of domestic violence

NM Compliance

Poor cooperation and motivation of parents/carers

As above

Request or insist on sharing info

Contact to Cumbria Safeguarding Hub

Police or drug/ alcohol services

Yes, but not necessary

S47 Children Act 1989

S6 Data Protection Act 2018

S115 Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Human Rights Act 1998


Prevention Planning Meeting

Possible removal to refuge, foster care etc

Package of care initiated

Multi-agency Thresholds

5. Protection

Escalation of Level 4

High severity of harm or abuse to adult &/ or child

Denial of need for help

Administration of drugs by adult to children under 18

As above

Contact to Cumbria Safeguarding Hub

Police or drug/ alcohol servicesInsisting

Yes, but not necessary As above

CP Conference

Strategy meeting

Specialist assessments

Arrest/ removal of the perpetrator. Closure of premises or eviction

Immediate removal of children